We would love to listen to your track. Send your music and we will respond quickly.

Our starting point is that we want to be able to add value to your career. Our goal is to ensure that your investment turns out to be worthwhile over time. For example because you got more performances, more followers, more Sena and / or Buma income, etc.

We do not accept a lot of music for plugging. This does not always say anything about the quality. It means that we think we are not the most suitable party for you to do promotion.

The music must be of a high quality, well produced and / or innovative. Of course we want to listen to and judge music in advance. We are broad in terms of genre. It ranges from world music to trance or metal. And from high-quality folk music to Indiepop.

Before we can start promoting your track, we need additional information. Please fill in the form below.

If you opt for promotion in the Netherlands and Belgium at the same time, you will receive a € 100 discount. The price for both countries is then € 340 instead of € 440. The prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.
Short powerful biography. Write this in the third person. E.g. who is he, from where, which genre, contemporary examples, etc.
The story behind the song. For example, how did the song come about, what is it about, who play along, who produced it etc ...