Does it make sense to have my music promoted?

Are you sure you recorded a good song? Send your music to us. We are going to listen and only when we estimate that the song has a chance, do we want to promote it. By having a chance we mean firstly that your song could get airplay at one of the larger channels. And secondly, that you will indirectly recoup the costs you incur for plugging. For example through more performing right income, more performances or better paid performances and / or more publishing income.

Besides the music, the story behind the artist is also relevant. The chance that your record will be picked up by the radio stations is much higher if the story of your band is correct. DJs like to be able to say something about a new band or artist when they play their record, so make sure there is something interesting to say about you.

Send us your music, then also fill in this form, so that we get a good idea, who you are, what you do etc.

The media landscape of radio and TV programs, blogs and (music) magazines is constantly changing. We do everything we can to keep our database of radio producers, music directors, journalists and influencers up-to-date.

We send targeted mailings of new releases to (music) journalists, deejays, music directors and relevant blogs and websites. In addition, we have direct access to the dropboxes of the larger Radio stations in the Netherlands. For Belgium, the focus is on the VRT and Studio Brussel.

Muziekpromotor Landelijke Radiostations

MUZIEKPROMOTOR: Effective professional radio promotion

Especially with the public radio stations in the weekends and evenings there are many programs that can make their own choices for the music they pay attention to. Music promoter therefore sends targeted mailings to these programs.

There is still old-fashioned plugging in Hilversum. A small group of mainly older men still drive to Hilversum every week to sell their music with a chat. They often do this well and convincingly. But you can imagine that many deejays just prefer to hear the songs, receive the relevant information and are not really eager to receive pluggers. For example, the regional plug in Hilversum has recently been completely abolished and of course the corona measures are also not conducive to ‘physical plugging’.

Read the most frequently asked questions about digital radio and press promotion here.

More than 1,200 addresses of music directors, journalists, radio editors and DJs.

Muziekpromotor regionale zenders

Our database currently contains more than 1200 contacts from Music Directors, Deejays and Music Editors. Of course there are many changes in the media landscape all the time. That is why we are updating and expanding our database every week. We manage the most complete database of music lovers looking for new music.

Digital plugging via MUZIEKPROMOTOR: cheap, sustainable and efficient.

Digital radio promotion has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are evident. You don’t pay for the time that a plugger is on the road and standing in line for a deejay to pitch his record. Most deejays and music editors also point out that they much prefer to have their music and information delivered digitally. This also saves them a lot of time. Moreover, digital plugging is of course much, much more sustainable. A disadvantage is that the feedback is more limited. You do not immediately hear whether or not a record is being played or rejected. The big advantage is that it is cost efficient. The average ‘old-fashioned’ plugger charges € 750 for plugging a single in the Netherlands. In Belgium the prices are even higher. That in itself is not unreasonable, as previously explained plugging is also extremely time-consuming. That is, pluggers are actually mainly traveling or waiting.

The digital plug is much, much more efficient in that regard. For € 190 ex VAT we can take your record with us in our digital promotion process. All prices for digital radio or press promotion in the Netherlands or Belgium can be found here.

Promotion of EPs and albums.

When promoting EPs and albums, we will mainly target the written press. You should think of music magazines, newspapers and especially blogs. The goal is to get as many reviews as possible. By default we will combine the promotion of an EP with plugging one single track.

When promoting an album, two singles will also be promoted separately. The prices for Promotion in the Netherlands or Belgium for your EP or album can be found here.

A small investment that can yield many times over!

What does it yield? Music promotion is essential to generate income for the artist. Airplay will lead to higher income for the performing rights and for composers and lyricists.

By notating on one of the playlists of the national radio stations, the costs for music promotion can be quickly recouped. Add to this the promotional effect of airplay: attention from radio, TV or written press is the way to attract new audiences to concerts. This can also increase the income for the artist.

Reviews can of course also have added value. Good reviews in good music magazines are valuable. But you can also use reviews on smaller blogs to share on your own social media channels.

If your song is played that can generate money. The Dutch copyright organization BUMA / STEMRA works very efficiently. The same applies to the organization of the performing right SENA. Both organizations are among the most efficient rights organizations in Europe and pay a very high percentage of their income to artists.

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Your income will also increase via the digital services if your track is played. Airplay will definitely lead to more streams via Spotify, downloads via iTunes and more followers. And of course your value as a live act increases as you get more attention. You will more easily attract more audience, so you can also get more or better paid performances.

If your music is not yet on Spotify, you can easily and for free arrange this at

Send your music!

We would love to listen to your track. Send your music and we will respond quickly.

Our starting point is that we want to be able to add value to your career. In concrete terms, our goal is to ensure that your investment turns out to have been worthwhile over time. For example, because you got more performances, more followers, more Sena and / or Buma income, etc. We don’t accept a lot of music for plugging. This does not always say anything about the quality. It means that we think that we are not the most suitable party to do promotion.

The music must be of a high quality, well produced and / or striking or innovative. Of course we want to listen to and judge music in advance. We are broad in terms of genre. It ranges from world music to trance or metal. And from high-quality Dance music to Indiepop.

What else do you need to promote our music?

In addition to the audio (preferably in .wav format), we need a biography, artist photo, cover photo and links to the artist website and social media. And of course the story behind the record. You can use this form on our website here. Here you can enter your contact details and links to your social media accounts.

In addition, we would like to receive an artist photo, a cover photo of the single, EP or album and the audio files. Please use both wav and mp3 format. You can send these via wet transfer to info [at]

As soon as we have received everything in good order, we will send the invoice. After payment we can start the promotion.