Frequently asked questions about music promotion

We provide digital radio and / or press promotion for a variety of music styles. It is important that the music is of good quality. It is also important that we have good background information about the artist and the record that we are going to promote.

In addition to the audio (preferably in .wav format), we need a biography, artist photo, cover photo and links to the artist website and social media. And of course the story behind the record. You can use the form on our website here.

The music must be of a high quality, well-produced and / or striking or innovative. Of course we want to listen to and judge music in advance. We are broad in terms of genre. It ranges from world music to trance or metal. And from the high-quality Dance music to Indiepop. We also promote folk, country and Americana.

We can promote a track for you at National, Regional and Local channels, playlist compilers and journalists from € 220, – per track. For all our prices for promoting singles, EPs and / or albums in both the Netherlands and Belgium, view our prices here.

Yes, we mainly plug in Flanders, including at the VRT and Studio Brussels. But of course also at many other local, regional and national stations. Click here for the prices for promotion in Belgium. If you have your track plugged in both the Netherlands and Flanders, you will receive a substantial discount.

Yes, with the promotion of albums we are mainly focused on scoring as many reviews as possible in magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. We usually combine the promotion of an album with highlighting two separate singles. The planning of the singles and the album is important. You can find prices for album promotion here.

No, we do not guarantee airplay. You should be suspicious of any promoter who claims to give that. Music directors cannot be prescribed music, they make their own choices.

Although we like to work transparently, our contacts are not public. After all, the contact information contains private data and mobile numbers of many radio people and journalists. Moreover, it is precisely one of our main tasks and almost a day’s task to keep all changes and changes in blogs, radio stations, etc. up to date.

Plugging in music has changed completely. Since 2019, the plug meeting of the regional channels in the Netherlands has also been abolished. Also at the traditional plug-in meetings at the major radio stations, fewer and fewer deejays show up. Which is understandable: CDs are hardly ever accepted anymore. After all, all music can be offered digitally. When hiring traditional pluggers you also pay for the waiting time and the travel time of the promoter. This is also the reason that traditional plugging is 4 to 5 times more expensive than digital promotion via MUZIEKPROMOTOR. Promoting through us is also the most environmentally friendly way to promote your music.

It is wise to make sure that new music is available on all major portals. For this we work together with our partner Here you have the option to upload your own music to the main portals for free, including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. All the information to get your music online quickly and free of charge can be found on our website

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